The Heroes from the World Cup-Winning US Women’s Football Team

They are young, they are fierce, and they are here to lift the crowd on its feet not once, but twice. The US women’s national football team won the FIFA World Cup once in 2015, and they have done it again this year. The 2:0 result of the memorable game sent the players right to the edge of the cup and down to the pool of success that it contains. It is no rocket science to realize that their names will ring more often in parallel with the growing popularity of the American team in the picture of the world. But before we head into the near future, let us take a path down memory lane to learn who are some of the heroes of this outstanding female team.

Alex Morgan

The ball falls in front of co-captain Alex Morgan’s feet, and she shows us what she has been building up to since the age of 7. Coached by her father, who learned everything about soccer along with Alex, she quickly discovered that her whole body and spirit would go into that sport. Having the strength to get over the emotional and physical struggles of an ACL injury, she kept a promise to herself and rose to a professional player in 2010. At age 22, she became the youngest member of the US women’s team at the World Cup in 2011. The word “stop” is unknown to her. Morgan chooses wisely who to partner with, always looking for the positive message she would address to her audience.

Megan Rapinoe

Now Morgan kicks the ball with a wink at the next person who catches it – her partner in leading the team – Megan Rapinoe. Her two awards – the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball – can already provide you with enough knowledge about her skills and achievements. Rapinoe is not one to be afraid of becoming her best self. Both she and her twin sister came out to their family in college where they played football. She announced it publicly in 2011 because she wanted to be as authentic as possible to everybody around her. Her honesty and nature shine through the carefree soul of a professional who knows how not to keep it straight. Even though soccer might be running through her veins, she knows that loss is also a possibility which does not lead to the end of the world. That belief does not let her do anything less than strive for perfection, however.

Carli Lloyd

She passes the ball to Carli Lloyd – the captain of the team during the previous significant achievement in 2015. After that tournament, she was named FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year after scoring three goals in 16 minutes against Japan. Her golden feet go back in time. Thanks to her determined personality, she stood her ground at age five and refused to do any form of dance. Instead, she kept on kicking the ball throughout her childhood and youth. Lloyd graduated from Rutgers University as an all-time leader in shots, points, and goals. She has played for different teams while paving her way to the National Women’s Soccer League. From 2005 to today she has helped the USWNT win two Olympic gold medals and two FIFA World Cups. Now if that is not one gold-mine player!

Only Upward from Now Onwards

These three women have definitely left their mark in US soccer history. Of course, the ball jumps from them to the other 20 players who all sweat and strive for the victory. A team can only function if there are a spirit and understanding between its members. USWNT proves that when the right people come together, they can reach the top.