A data archive honouring the women who became English football greats. Protecting, preserving and promoting the sport’s rich and varied history. Recognition and appreciation … then … now … forever!

Sometimes there is little or nothing on the web about legendary players or stories of the past. This site aims, in some small way, to start putting that right.

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  1. It’s a shame that the woman footballers of the seventies are not recognised more for the things they did for the woman’s game … All the hard work that went in for the girls of today ….


  2. The six goals i scored in the cup final .. Can you tell me if that’s a record … Would love to get it in the Guinness book of records .


    • Yeah, it’s definitely a record in single FA Cup final, either gender. Did you score in any other finals? All-time record in Cup finals is between you, Julie Fleeting of Arsenal (6) and Karen Walker of Donny Belles (at least 6, I think).

      Sue Lopez’s book says you only got five in that ’78 final. You may need to get onto her – she’s doing you out of a goal! 🙂

      It would be great if we could get it in the Guinness book of records. It’s not likely to ever be broken…


  3. I scored at at least 8 goals in cup finals … I am trying to find out if I scored in the game against WArminster and scored at least 1 goal against St Helens …can anyone help ?


    • Hi Tony, thanks for your query. This is what we’ve got on the bold Josie, so far:

      Josie Clifford (née Lee) – Crystal Palace, QPR, did A licence w Wendy Owen July 2000. 5 caps between 1977-1979 including 1–0 over Italy at Plough Lane. Millwall Lionesses gaffer in Dec 1998. Debbie Bampton’s Croydon assistant from 95/96. Had managed pre Croydon Charlton LFC in 94/95. Assistant to Butch Reeves with Brighton 2001/02, “softened the edges”. Didn’t get a cap! according to SuLo. England U15 coach and senior scout under HP. London FA development officer. Took time out to raise a family then went into coaching.
      If she still has the London FA coaching gig you might be able to e-mail her there under her married moniker Josie Clifford? Good luck with your endeavours!


  4. Hello Womens Football Archive

    In october 1978 there where an tournament who where named Women’s World Invitation Tournament 1978 of Taipei New Zealand.

    I saw on RSSSF site the results of the matches. But is there anymore facts of these tournament. Playerslist, Lineups, Goalscorers and such facts also pictures (teampictures)

    As i written from Sweden iam mostly interested in the Swedish team that played in the tournament, but iam also interested as much as possible.


    • Hi Örjan – thanks for your interesting comment. It seems these tournaments were quite important forerunners of the modern Women’s World Cup, so it would be good to find out more. Let me see what I can find and come back to you.


      • Hi wfa
        Iam grateful if you check it out. I have asked the club who turned out in the tournament for Sweden. But no answer
        back yet. Maybe they not aware of that their club played in the tournament for almost 40 years ago. Iam happy for what ever you will find on the 1978 tournament, Thanks!


      • Hi WFA

        I would be happy if you found England XI squad in the tounament of Taipei in Taiwan.
        If you found some lineups aswell i would not complain.
        Best Regards


      • Hello Womensfoo!ballarchive

        I wonder if WFA have found something on the tournament in Taipei?
        Maybe EnglandXI (Northwood?) staff of players sent to play in the tournament?
        Thanks for looking!


  5. Please has anyone who played for England Ladies from 1976 & 1982 have any photos …am asking for my partner Angie Poppy who also played for The Waves ….Lowestoft Ladies..Thanks Julie Harper


  6. Hello WFA

    Iam looking for lineups for an match played in Italy between
    Denmark – England 2-0 (0-0)
    date of match where 10-07-1970.
    Hopefully both teams lineups and attendance and referee is known
    i would happy with this information aswell.

    Best Regards


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